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Abraham Lincoln: A Spiritual Scientific Portrait

This essay forms a continuation of American historical themes already explored from a phenomenological and symptomatic perspective. It is added to the portraits of Franklin, Washington, Pocahontas, Black Elk, Martin Luther King and others.
     The book tries to explain why scholars and historians from the ‘40s to the present consistently rank Lincoln as the best president in American history. It seems his success rested on a unique individuality, aided by personal connections, fortuitous events, synchronicities without which the nation would have ceased to be what it once was. Lincoln achieved the feat of rescuing the soul of America, without weakening its Republican institutions.
     In Lincoln we can surmise an initiate of old. His spiritual beliefs went beyond anyone of his time, equal or second to Emerson, Thoreau and the Transcendentalists alone. He wanted no less than to reconnect the nation to its original impulses, in fact rededicate it and reconsecrate it.
     This endeavor looks at the best of existing scholarship. It assembles all the facets of a personality—the frontier man, the lawyer, the politician, the writer, the orator, the humorist, the Commander in Chief and leader, the thinker, the Christian and spiritual leader—until it can bring back to life his indomitable spirit and offer a full portrait.

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Spiritual Turning Points of North American History
Spiritual Turning Points of South American History

The two books below concern the history of the progressive impulses of cultural renewal in the Americas as well as the impulses that stood against them, from the time of Golgotha to the time of the Consciousness Soul, corresponding with European colonization.

The books explore:

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Table of Contents South American Book
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   South American History

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Misc American Essays

Black Elk, one of the most well known Native American leaders, is in many degrees one of the least understood. Until his death he was a faithful preserver and promoter of the Lakota ways. However, the medicine man became a Roman Catholic in 1904. From then, until his death in 1950, he remained faithful to this choice too.

Black Elk preserved all the best elements of his cultural heritage in his testament of The Sacred Pipe. He also continued to bring to his people and other tribes the teachings of the historical Jesus. Truly the elder Lakota found himself at home in both cultures and worlds, becoming a representative of a new humanity, beyond races and creeds. In struggling towards a personal understanding of spiritual reality, he overcame both the Lakota warfare tradition and the limitations of a dogmatic religious faith.

The controversy that has endured about Black Elk's spiritual allegiances can be put to rest through the content of Black Elk's great vision and in the Holy Man's own words and biography. His life is the enactment of the Great Vision.

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MLK: His Legacy for the Future of Social Change

Martin Luther King remains the most well-known of the civil rights leaders, and his aura projects far beyond the movement. In looking at his figure much more can be detected that leads us into the next millennium.

MLK knew fully the personal dilemma of modern man; he knew that in his soul struggled a saint and a sinner. He had very deeply personal struggles, yet he also reached little explored and deep transcendental experiences. This inner tension of soul led him to flee from dualistic thinking; in fact he defined himself as a Hegelian, one who saw partial truths in opposite positions, and sought for a reconciliation at a higher level, one whose thinking was threefold. Nonviolence was just one illustration of this principle; it eschewed both self-righteous violence and passive submission to reach a far higher ground than its dualistic polarities. But MLK's Hegelian dialectic led him further to reconcile religious interpretations and political views alike.

MLK's threefold thinking led him to seek beyond the terms of capitalism and socialism, and to enact a unique relationship with existing political power. When viewed under his lens, the relevance of MLK's thinking and praxis form powerful springboards for the future of social renewal.

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Los dos libros mencionados a continuacion acercan el tema de los impulsos renovadores de la cultura de las Americas como tambien los impulsos que los oponian, desde el evento de Golgotha hasta el principio de la epoca del alma de conciencia, correspondiente a la llegada de los colonizadores europeos.

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